My Food Philosophy

In August 2011, I made a commitment to myself and my body to live a healthier life. I vowed to eat cleaner, exercise regularly, and pay more attention to the macro-nutrients and vitamins that my body needed.

When one thinks of this healthy new lifestyle, seeking comfort in cooking and food seems at odds. I mean, I can’t exactly expect to see the numbers on my scale drop if I indulge and order Papa Johns with a side of Big Mac and Super-Sized Fries. It’s just not going to happen.

That being said, my food philosophy is to never completely deny myself goodies, carbs, or my favorite "comfort" foods – simply to have them in moderation, and try to make substitutions to make those foods healthier, for a fulfilling, balanced, and healthy diet.


  1. Stephanie,
    I just found your blog and I LOVE it. The 20 pounds you lost is very impressive and you look absolutely beautiful. Keep it up. And keep up the blog. I'm a HUGE Food Network fan too. Now, to go make some of those brownies....


    1. Hi Larry, I'm so happy you're enjoying the blog. Please let me know if there's any recipes you'd like me to try, or anything you'd like me to discuss. And thank you so much for the compliment, that's so kind of you to say! Please let me know how the brownies turn out!


  2. OK, how about this... I'm a bachelor. I live alone and my idea of a homemade meal is whatever box I pull out of the freezer. I would love to eat healthier, but am more of an armchair chef than an actual one. How about posting some more simple and healthy recipes for someone like me.

    Or, you could do a contest where the winner gets a months worth of homemade meals prepared by you... Just a thought. :)