Thursday, February 25, 2010

A College Student's Caffeine Consumption

All I'd like in my dorm is a coffeemaker. I'm a student, juggling five classes (overloading this semester), an internship, homework, and a social life. With luck I sleep. Needless to say, I drink at least one cup a day during a normal week (sometimes 2-3 on a Monday or after an all-nighter). At two bucks a pop (I'm a no frills kinda girl -- none of that mochiata frappalatte nonsense for me) my coffee consumption adds up.

For argument's sake, let's say I drink nine cups of coffee during an average week. That's 18 dollars. Let's not forget about exam weeks -- between studying and stress let's figure an additional seven cups for that week -- which happens twice a semester.

($18 * 15 weeks of the semester) + ($14 * 2 weeks of exams) = $298.00 worth of coffee each semester

I live in what Boston University calls a dormitory-style residence. For $10,170 a year, plus an additional meal plan subsidy, I have a single in a suite. In this single, I am not allowed any other appliances besides a micro-fridge. No appliances means no coffeemaker. For $10,310 I could live in what BU calls apartment-style residences, where I could have said coffeemaker, and all the coffee I wanted, but I would need to worry about additional food costs.

What's the better option? Have I gleaned enough from Iron Chef to be trusted to feed myself without my safety net of a dining plan? Or is the $298.00 reasonable?

Or instead, should colleges rescind their anti-appliance decrees? After all, we grew up with technology. Surely, we can be trusted to turn off the coffeemaker when we leave the room?

Who knows? Until then, Starbucks will continue its death grip on my wallet and coffee-loving soul.

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