Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Game of Thrones Drinking Game!

Happy Holidays to all my readers!

Now that it's the end of March, those who have impeccable taste in TV know that season three of Game of Thrones is starting on March 31 on HBO. Here's a drinking game to celebrate! (Compliments of

Drink whenever…
  • Someone calls Jon Snow a bastard. Two drinks if he calls himself a bastard.
  • Daenerys talks about one of her beloved dragons. 
  • Daenerys reminds someone she is the Mother of Dragons, a khaleesi, a Targaryen, or something else powerful and grand. One drink per title.
  • Something sexually depraved happens. This varies by interpretation, of course, but we’re thinking scenes with incest, brothels, sex slaves, etc.
  • You hear “A Lannister always pays his debts.” 
  • Someone remarks on the coming of winter.
  • A character says something ominous about the coming night or impending darkness.
  • A vicious fight breaks out. Two drinks per severed head. 
  • Arya vows to kills someone. Three drinks if she actually does it. 
  • Someone mistakes Arya for a boy.
  • Tyrion says something impossibly witty or acerbic. Two drinks if his remark results in a slap, push, or other form of physical assault.
  • Cersei plots something horrible.
  • A wildling or White Walker raises hell.
  • Someone insults Samwell Tarly. Two drinks if he does something to warrant the insult. 
  • Something is set afire or a character fights with fire. 
  • You want to throttle one of the characters for being so nasty or annoying.

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