Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Products I love: Blackwoods Wing Sauce

So the Manfriend and I recently made our first "couple" purchase -- a set of three buffalo/bbq sauces by Blackwoods Wing Sauce. We both love food with a bit of a kick in it, and these sauces definitely deliver.

There were actually four flavors of sauce available:
  • Blackwoods Signature Wing Sauce -- Think buffalo sauce, but BETTER
  • Blackwoods Chipotle Barbecue Wing Sauce -- We were blown away by the sweet, smokey flavor with a bit of spice in the aftertaste
  • Blackwoods Dante's Inferno Wing Sauce -- This is currently the spiciest sauce in the Blackwoods line, and even as someone who is just beginning to enjoy spicier fare, I LOVED it. It's not straight heat, it's heat that builds with the flavor of the sauce, and it's utterly fantastic.
  • Blackwoods Garlic Parmesan Wing Sauce -- Milder than the Signature sauce, with a deeper flavor of Parmesan and Garlic. It's still got a good buffalo flavor, though.

We ended up buying the Signature, BBQ, and Garlic Parmesan. We've opened the Garlic Parmesan bottle first -- and used it twice as a sauce for tilapia. It was DELICIOUS.

For those who are newer to cooking fish, tilapia is a delicate white fish that takes the flavor of whatever you cook it in. It really is a blank slate. I used about a TBS of sauce on each tilapia filet, put them in a preheated (400 degree) oven for 11-13 minutes and removed when the fish flaked easily. I did put a little more sauce on the finished fish, to enhance the final flavor. 

To improve upon this recipe, I think I may marinate my tilapia in the Blackwoods Sauce overnight, but I really was happy with the final product.

The Manfriend and I look forward to trying:
  • Baked Chicken Breasts (with all three sauces)
  • Ground Turkey Tacos (Signature Sauce)
  • Various Garlic/Parmesan Pasta dishes
  • Buffalo and BBQ Burgers
  • and many more
One thing's certain, (and Blackwoods isn't endorsing me to say thisl), buying those Blackwoods Wing Sauces was a great decision. I recommend them to everyone who reads this blog. They are flavorful and extremely versatile. 

I found this website, where you can buy Blackwoods: http://www.iburn.com/Blackwoods-Wing-Sauce-s/1929.htm

Happy Cooking!

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  1. the tilapia was really delicious. definitely great choice on the parm and garlic.

    cant wait to try the other ones. B-)