Tuesday, June 12, 2012

80 Healthy Recipe Substitutions

My friend Jack showed me this list of 80 healthy recipe substitutions the other day. Think of the possibilities! 

Click here for the full list, but I've posted some highlights below:

  1. Black beans for flour
  2. Whole wheat flour for white flour
  3. Unsweetened apple sauce for sugar
  4. Unsweetened apple sauce for oil or butter
  5. Almond flour for wheat flour
  6. Avocado puree for butter
  7. Brown rice cereal and flax meal for Rice Crispies
  8. Marshmallow Fluff for butter and sugar (in frostings)
  9. Natural peanut butter for reduced fat peanut butter
  10. Vanilla for sugar
  11. Nut flours for flour
  12. Evaporated skim milk for cream
  13. Grated steamed cauliflower for rice
  14. Plain Greek yogurt for sour cream
  15. 2 Egg whites for 1 egg
There's tons more with explanations on the list.

Happy cooking

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