Friday, November 8, 2013

Kickboxing Party

Ladies and Gentlemen:

You've heard of Tupperware parties, and you may have gone to a Lia Sophia party, but tomorrow, yours truly is going to a KICKBOXING PARTY!

My coworker is hosting a workout class -- in her apartment, as taught by a friend of hers who is a personal trainer! We'll be getting a great workout while learning kickboxing techniques.

The average 150 pound woman can burn 714 calories in an hour of kickboxing -- given that a Big Mac has 550 -- that's quite a workout.

Also, statistics show people are more likely to keep up with an exercise regiment if they workout with a buddy.

So let's all help this trend catch on -- if you have the space, think about hosting a healthy fitness party. You need not hire a personal trainer, laughing along at your friends' attempts to follow Jillian Michaels or one of the Insanity workouts will still be good for your body, and your friendships!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I wish I lived near you because me and my workout partner/roomie would so be there!!!

  2. Oooo wow that's really impressive, over 700 cals. Definitely looks like lots of fun, just make sure you eat before working out, does seem intense.