Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions, anyone?

If you've got 'em, I want to hear them!

I'm really not one for resolutions ordinarily. I think that the word carries a certain stigma that you'll drop off what you say you'll resolve to do within a few weeks. However, that being said, I do think the new year is a time to refocus on goals, and revive motivation toward accomplishing fitness challenges.

So, I'm going to try to make a few this year:
  • I resolve to get back into the habit of logging everything I eat on! While I log onto the site everyday, and usually log my breakfast and lunch, I've started to not log dinners or close out for the day. It's a bad habit and I'd like to break it and get back into my logging routine.
  • I resolve to floss daily! I floss a few times a week, but I really should do it daily
  • I resolve to cook more! Life has been very busy, but my recent Indian/tofu experience made me remember just how much I love to cook. Plus, I feel better about what I'm eating when I cook it myself.
  • I resolve to get back to the gym! Between college, and getting all the paperwork sorted for my apartment, there was a period of months that I wasn't working out on a regular basis -- and it sucked! Now that I have a gym at my disposal, I need to get excited and motivated about using it!
  • I resolve to have a bedtime! I get up early, so in theory, I should be going to bed early. Nope, doesn't normally happen. Even though I've graduated, I'm still living my college hours -- and it's really a disservice to my body. In the new year, I want to be asleep by 11, so that I'll have a good 8 hours of sleep when I get up at 7. 
Anyone else want to share?

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