Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sickness: Home Remedies?

Hello all,

I haven't been feeling well for the last few days, and my symptoms seemed to triple overnight, so I took a trip to Student Health this morning. An hour and a trip to CVS later, and I'm on penicillin for the week. As long as I feel better, I'm happy, but I figured it might be nice to make a post where we can discuss home remedies. Click on my suggestions if you want a more in depth explanation about how these scientifically work.

  • Gargling with salt water. Mom, I want you to know that I listened when you told me this would work, and have been gargling all week long
  • Chicken noodle soup. The Jewish Penicillin. 
  • Keep drinking. While you can't "flush out" a sickness, your immune system will operate much more efficiently and effectively to fight back if your body is hydrated.
  • Put honey in your tea. Tastes good, and has benefits, too.
    What are some of your home remedies? Any I've forgotten? 

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