Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughts While Watching Chopped and Sweet Genius

I love Chopped. Three Courses, Four Competitors, Secret Ingredients: I just love it. So after a long week, I tend to be very content to spend my Thursday nights with the Food Network watching Chopped (followed by Sweet Genius).

I've come to the conclusion that not only are the Food Networks programs amazing, but the commercials that play on the network are incredibly entertaining. 

Thus, I present to you a list of thoughts that are going through my mind at the moment. I invite you to comment on them, answer my rhetorical questions, or add a few of your own.

  • Announcing that you have no chance of getting eliminated during your chef intro often results in you getting chopped within the first two rounds.
  • The most common ways to trip the competing chefs: including an 'Asian' ingredient, including multiple proteins, including savory ingredients in the dessert baskets, or including an already prepared/cooked/or processed commercial ingredient. 
  • If I was going to compete in Chopped, I think that I would have my friends help me practice-- you know, give me mystery ingredients and a time limit. 
  • I wonder if any chefs have every tried this ^^
  • A McCormick seasoning commercial claimed "Life is a pulled pork sandwich." I have never eaten pulled pork, but I have to belief it's not? Do we agree or disagree?
  • Another McCormick seasoning commercial claimed “Life is a Fajita” – well which is it, McCormick?
  • It seems that every Chopped competitor believes in the notion: "When in doubt, find the blender."
  • Chefs: Why would you not taste your food while cooking??
  • Chefs: Why would you keep cooking and ignore blood if you cut yourself??
  • In a different commercial, Velveeta is branding itself as "Liquid Gold". Oh, good Lord. 
  • Are French Chefs not whimsical enough for Food Network competition shows?
  • Good dishes should have the following elements: a texture contrast, a kick of flavor, and a sour/sweet, bitter/sweet, savory/sweet, or salty/sweet contrast.


  1. -It's amazing how hopeless they contestants are with any and all Asian ingredients. It's like watching unintentional food racism. How can they be so hopeless? How come every ingredient from every other far-gone place on the planet they all act like they use it all the time, but show them a water chestnut and they start convulsing?!?!?

    -I'm going to assume your disagreement with the idea of Velveeta as liquid gold is sarcasm. Because it is.

    1. The McCormick's metaphors are baffling me as well.

      I think life is more like a crock pot of cholent. You can control and plan as much as you want to, but after candlelighting, the end product is out of your hands. And yet, it always works out to yummy, sleep-inducing goodness.

      Personally, I think that one should LIVE life like my Mom's sloppy joes. Cast convention to the wind and throw everything you can think of into the pot (what, sloppy joes aren't supposed to have broccoli?) and enjoy something healthy, hearty, and satisfying. And then get Daddy to wash the dishes.