Friday, March 30, 2012

50 Ways to Cook Chicken: From Men's Health

My friend, Sean, passed this one onto me. I LOVE Chicken! Low in fat, high in protein -- just make sure you cook it all the way through! I usually put it on this itty-bitty grill I have, or cut it into cubes to have over pasta with veggies, but I'm definitely going to be trying some of these recipes.

Click HERE for a link to the Men's Health article. It's a really well written article, and walks the potential home-cook through the basic steps for various methods of preparation: Stir-fry, Baking (with or without a list of yummy sauce combos), Spice-rubbed, Crusted, Stuffed, and Grilling/Searing with a bunch of recommended marinades.

Which will you be trying?

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  1. thanks, Stephanie. I loves me some chicken and could eat it everyday!