Sunday, April 1, 2012

Video: From Carnivore to Vegan

Hi Foodies! Today's post is an interview with my good friend, Charles, about his diet-changing decision, and the effects on his body. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I really enjoyed your post from Charles. Great information about being a Vegan and what one would eat. He mentions Vegan Soup. Homemade or store bought? If it's homemade, could he provide a recipe? I found your topic to be very interesting. I do not know any Vegans especially a guy. To hear this information from a male point of view was really cool.

    1. Hi Louise,

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll check with Charles and let you know -- and I'll either post the recipe or a link to the product he uses!

      Amy's brand has a line of vegetarian and organic frozen food products -- and you can search for their vegan options on there website:

      Also, Trader Joe's Latin Black Bean Soup is vegan, according to their website.

      I've got a few vegan recipes as well, and I'll be happy to post those!

  2. I typically buy some store bought and make it home made. I add a double serving of quinoa polenta to any vegan soup I like pre made and add chopped vegetables. I just treat the premade as a base. However one homemade recipe is to add olive oil carrots, celery, onions, thyme in the bottom of a pot and heat until the onions carmelize, then add quinoa, any beans of your liking, tomatoe paste, garlic, and season to taste.