Sunday, April 29, 2012

Your Ideal Hangover Cure

Let's not be shy, folks -- overindulging in "adult beverages" happens to us all. Last night, it happened to my friend, Dave. 

Dave happened to be in the group of people with whom I went to breakfast this morning. I ordered my usual (eggs over medium -- because I love eggs, and I lack the finesse that cooking them that way requires), and my cohorts proceeded to order several of what I'd call "strange concoctions".

For instance, Dave, ordered chicken and dumplings with french fries, stacked on top of a waffle with butter and syrup. And he really ate it -- with a side of coffee, too. 

Another of our friends ordered all liquids: Minestrone Soup, coffee, coke, orange juice, and then a plate of french fries covered in hot sauce.

This got me thinking about hangover cures. I'll be honest, when I overindulge, I immediately go to Gatorade. Fried food is a common cure, as well. Let's hear some of yours -- does anyone want to share?


  1. I'll just be honest, marijuana is the best hangover cure. It's a nice way to ease back into life with a nice wake & bake. Not to mention, coughing makes you drink water so you get hydrated. :)

  2. I crave sushi dosed in wasabi. I know everyone goes for greasy, so I guess that menas I'm weird.

  3. Pickle Juice. The hydrating agent will cure the hangover right away. Even though I crave fast food it doesn't really do anything to help the hangover itself.