Monday, February 4, 2013

A Pound of Fat

I found this infographic on Pinterest, and it made me think. Why don't you take a look, and then we'll discuss.

Alright, here are my thoughts:

  • Fat free, it seems, is not the way to go. Fat is an essential nutrient, and the fact that we will not be able to lose all of it means that it has an important bodily function, and WE SHOULDN'T AIM TO!
  • Those who have more muscle on their bodies burn more calories going about their day -- hence why strength training has some major fat burning benefits that extend waaaay longer past your workout -- so hit the free weights, ladies and gents!
  • In regards to the Big Mac and Fries fact -- one one hand, the weight gain that one could see after eating fast food is clearly all from sodium and bloat, on the other -- it only takes 7??? Think of how many ounces of grilled chicken you could have instead!!
  • Weight loss is a gradual process -- if it takes 4+ hours of exercise to lose a pound, it's much better to spread that exercise out over a full week. The pound didn't come on in one sitting, and you're not going to lose it in one workout, either. 

Anything to add? Thoughts?


  1. 100% agree, but sadly all of these new fads out there are telling people calories don't matter, it's the wheat and carbs.

  2. A really great breakdown! If only this information was available in more places.

    1. Haha, well you are more than welcome to share this post with your friends and family with my blessing -- feel free to share the blog with them.