Tuesday, February 12, 2013

International Pancake Day!

Shrove Tuesday, or International Pancake day, has historically been celebrated as a prelude to lent. These days, most people have no time for pancakes during the busy workweek. Lifestyle and money-saving expert Bruce Lubin offers several tips in his Who Knew? Book series that will help you achieve the perfect fluffy pancake – quickly! The Who Knew? book retails for $29.95

Bruce recommends:

  1. Making pancakes ahead of time and then freezing them. It’s much faster for a weekday – but not nearly as expensive as store-bought frozen varieties
  2. Substitute club soda for water in your pancakes for even fluffier results
  3. Load batter into an old ketchup squeeze bottle – not only will you have more precise pancakes, but you’ll save your counter from unwanted ladle to stove top transfer messes

Even with these tips, making the perfect pancake can be difficult for those who are culinary-challenged. To take any remaining guesswork out of the cooking process, TeleBrands introduces the Flip Jack – a pancake pan with two non-stick surfaces in a tight-fit seal to prevent batter spills.  Like the other pans in the revolutionary OrGreenic kitchenware line, Flip Jack features a ceramic lining that eliminates the need for oils, butter or fat – making healthy eating easy.

A full service breakfast solution, Flip Jack is also compatible for over-easy eggs, crepes and French Toast. Flip Jack retails for $19.99.

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