Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WW Points for Beer

I just discovered this wonderful blog, The Complete Weight Watchers Point and Reference Guide (Recently rerouted to OneMorePound.com, which lists WW points plus for items that might not be in the WW system. 

As a big craft beer drinker, I'm particularly pleased to see the following chart -- which I have reposted as a reference guide. Keep in mind, unless specified, these values are for 12 oz. of beer.


WEIGHT WATCHERS POINTS FOR BEER (12oz Serving Unless Otherwise Specified)

Anchor Porter4209
Anchor Steam3153
Anheuser Busch Natural Light295
Anheuser Busch Natural Ice3157
Aspen Edge294
Blatz Beer3153
Blue Moon3171
Bud Dry3130
Bud Ice3148
Bud Ice Light2110
Bud Light2110
Bud Light Lime2116
Budweiser Select299
Busch Beer3133
Busch Ice3169
Busch Light2110
Carling Black Label3138
Colt 45 Malt Liquor3174
Coors Light2104
Extra Gold Lager3152
Flying Dog Doggie Style3158
Flying Dog Dogtober Fest3146
Flying Dog Double Dog Pale Ale6292
Flying Dog Gonzo5269
Flying Dog Horn Dog6314
Flying Dog In Heat Wheat3131
Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser4181
Flying Dog Old Scratch3150
Flying Dog Road Dog3158
Flying Dog Snake Dog4179
Flying Dog Tire Bite2124
Genesee Beer3148
Genesee Cream Ale3162
Genesee Ice3156
Genesee Red3148
Geaorge Killian's Irish Red3162
Guinness Draught - 1 Pint4210
Guinness Stout4176
Icehouse 5.03149
Icehouse Light2103
Hamm's Beer3144
Keystone Premium2111
Keystone Ice3142
Leinenkugel Honey Weiss3149
Leinenkugel Northwoods Lager3163
Leinenkugel Original3152
Leinenkugel Creamy Dark3170
Leinenkugel Red3166
Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat3165
Leinenkugel Light2105
Leinenkugel Amber Light2110
Lowenbrau Dark3160
Lowenbrau Special Beer3160
Magnum Malt Liquor3157
Michael Shea's3145
Michelob Amber Boch3166
Michelob Beer3155
Michelob Golden Draft3152
Michelob Golden Draft Light2110
Michelob Honey Lager4175
Michelob Light2113
Michelob Ultra295
Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor3157
Mickey's Ice3157
Miller Chill2110
Miller Genuine Draft3143
Miller Genuine Draft Light2110
Miller Genuine Draft '64'164
Miller High Life3143
Miller High Life Light2110
Miller Lite296
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Amber2110
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Blonde2110
Miller Lite Brewers Collection Wheat2110
Milwaukee's Best3128
Milwaukee's Best Light298
Milwaukee's Best Ice3144
New Belgium 15544205
New Belgium 2 Below4200
New Belgium Abbey4200
New Belgium Blue Paddle3140
New Belgium Fat Tire3160
New Belgium Mothership Wit3155
New Belgium Trippel4215
New Belgium Sunshine Wheat3145
Old Milwaukee Light2114
Old Milwaukee Beer3146
Olde English 8003160
Olde English 800 7.54202
Olde English High Gravity 8004220
Olympia Premium Lager3146
Pabst Blue Ribbon3153
Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol167
Pete's Wicked Ale3174
Red Dog3147
Red Hook ESB4179
Red Hook IPA4188
Rolling Rock Extra Pale3142
Rolling Rock Premium Beer2120
Sam Adams Boston Lager3160
Sam Adams Boston Ale3160
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat3166
Sam Adams Cream Stout4195
Sam Adams IPA4175
Sam Adams Light2124
Sam Adams Pale Ale3145
Schaefer Beer3142
Schlitz Beer3146
Schlitz Light2110
Schlitz Malt Liquor4185
Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale4190
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot7330
Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale4214
Sierra Nevada Draft Ale3157
Sierra Nevada Early Spring Beer4190
Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale4215
Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale5231
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale4175
Sierra Nevada Pale Bock4218
Sierra Nevada Porter4194
Sierra Nevada Stout5225
Sierra Nevada Summerfest Beer3158
Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer3153
Signature Stroh Beer3153
Southpaw Light2123
Steel Reserve4222
Steel Reserve Triple Export4222
Steel Reserve Six3160
Stroh's Beer3149
Stroh's Light2113
Tuborg Deluxe Dark Export3163
Tuborg Export Quality3156
Winehard's Private Reserve3150
Winehard's Amber Light3135
Winehard's Hefeweizen3151
Winehard's Blonde Lager3161
Winehard's Pale Ale3147
Yuengling Ale3145
Yuengling Porter3150
Yuengling Premium Beer3135
Yuengling Light298
Yuengling Lager3135

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