Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun with Bake Pops

The new trend of "cake pops" is spreading everywhere. A little ball of crumbled cake and icing, cake pops are very cute and portioned, (Great for calorie counters) but also labor-intensive. I'd been itching to try them, but life's been hectic -- so I found the next best thing: Bake Pops.

Bake Pops, by TeleBrands, is a pan that makes the pop for you -- just mix up your favorite cake mix (there's also a recipe inside if you want a more traditionally dense texture), throw them in the oven, and you're set.

The one criticism I will say is that the directions do not tell you how high in each divot to fill the batter. My experience was to go no more than half way, or the batter will spill over the top. Other than that, I really had a lot of fun with the product. It was very simple, quick, and I LOVE the concept of mini portions of cake, for when I'm trying to be "good", but would like just a taste of dessert. I'm getting my sister a set for her birthday -- I know she'll have a ball with these!!

I brought Bake Pops to the going away party for my friend, Becca, where they were a huge hit. 

Thank you to the lovely Mel and Jess, who were happy to first pose with, then try, then rave about how much they loved the pops. Don't they look purdy?!

Happy Cooking, Fellow Foodies!!

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