Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meeting Celebrity Chef Jason Roberts

By now, the world can tell that I have a slight Food Network addiction. Just a small one. The thing I always wonder, though, is if my favorite Food Network personalities, (and other celebrity chefs), are as charismatic as they appear in person. 

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go on-set for a cooking segment taping with celebrity chef Jason Roberts. For those who aren't familiar, Jason Roberts focuses on healthy, clean eating: 5 meals a day with small portions. A New Zealand  native, Jason Roberts got his "celebrity" start on an Australian cooking show, and is a recent addition to ABC's "The Chew". 

I'm pleased to report that Chef Jason Roberts is exactly the person he plays for the camera -- fun, charming, and passionate about delicious, healthy eating. We all had a wonderful time during the shoot, (I got a chance to taste the omelet he makes -- and highly recommend it), and I'm proud to say I snagged a clip to share with you!

In the segment, Jason demonstrated an easy omelet, and gave some recipes for light meals for the summer, that can be cooked inside in the "air con" rather than outside on the BBQ.

His tips for cooking:

  • Grab a quality non-stick pan. His pick is OrGreenic -- which eliminates the need for added fat, oil, or butter
  • Mix the eggs with a fork, not a whisk, so that they do not become tough
  • Cook eggs in a HOT pan
It was an incredible experience watching the shoot, and I'd love to give a shout out to Eric AltAshley Frato, and Lauren LaPenna, who did a stunning job with hair, make-up, and food styling respectively.

For those who don't want to watch the video, Jason's healthy recipes are located on, just click on Jason's head. 

Happy cooking, foodies!

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