Monday, March 26, 2012

First Vlog: Cooking Steak Tips

Join me as I cook steak tips in the broiler for the first time! 

While I've been baking for quite a long time, (My parents have pictures of my siblings and I with cake batter-covered faces), my passion for cooking really started with a solo trip to Paris last May, where I took several classes at a school there called Cook'n with Class

Since then, I've tried to expand my repertoire, but meat is one thing I still struggle with. Join me as I experience a number of firsts: First vlog, first experiences filming myself (total newb, can't you tell), first time using my broiler to cook steak.


  1. excellent first video =) i do love steak tips.

    I love eating coked food but cooking food takes so long. as opposed to a nice sandwich. Im guessing you have to start cooking long before you get very hungry.. how do you know in advance what you'll want to eat when youre hungry or how much you'll want to eat?

    1. I actually plan my meals in advance -- but that's because I'm currently following a meal plan. The fitness website I've talked about,, sets macros that you're encouraged to hit. Everyday, I am allotted 206g carbs, 46g fat, and 103g protein. I have my go-to breakfasts, because mornings are tough, but then the rest of my day is pretty much shaped by meeting those macros.

      In terms of meals and how much in advance to start cooking, because I am a student on a tight schedule/budget, I do have some go to meals, but I make sure that I always have a protein, a grain, and veggies.

    2. I love this vlog, Stephanie!

    3. I'm so glad, Phil! Any posts you'd like to see?

  2. Looks good!

    That said, that is the most ghetto oven. Ever.

    :-) love the blog