Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Skinny Chef

I took a spontaneous trip to DC with my sister, and she gave me March 2011's issue of Health, which features an article entitled, "Secrets to Super Willpower". In the article, chefs, cupcake makers, and other interview food fiends gave their tips on resisting munching while working. This seemed to piggyback off of my last post, "Fat Chef", so I figured I'd share their tips.

  • Fill up with breakfast: a high protein start will keep you full and away from snacking until lunch.
  • Plan a lunch that you look forward to
  • Savor your sips (of alcohol) because those add up quickly
  • Freshen up: minty breathe doesn't taste good with sweets. Brush your teeth during the day or chew gum to avoid snacking
  • Downsize your utensils: smaller spoon, smaller bite
  • Fill up on water or carbonated water
  • Snack smart -- Goat cheese on it's own or on an apple wedge is better than goat cheese on bread -- and nuts are always a good option
  • Make plans to indulge -- if you're looking forward to a treat, you'll have an easier time 'behaving' throughout the day
  • Store baked goods in the freezer so you won't eat them all at once
  • Stay busy, and move!
  • Think afternoon delight: try not to snack until after 1 p.m. If you're still craving then, than have just one
  • Ask if it's worth the calories: A French-style nougat dipped in dark chocolate is, a handful of chips is not
  • Do a doggie bag at restaurants to savor the flavor later on

What do you think? Anything to add? Anything you disagree with? Would you trust a skinny chef?


  1. Oatmeal, whatever is magical about that keeps me more full than anything else in a morning and to the afternoon.

  2. im never hungry in the morning so the breakfast thing doesnt really work for me. but i agree with the part about schedueling a treat for yourself. I order out every friday on my day off, and be lazy for a day, it's very saticefing, i eat my favorite calzone while sitting in a rocking chair and playing videogames once a week.... crap is it friday yet?

    1. They say that a cheat day or meal is something that will keep you in line - diet wise, because you're not denying yourself anything